Friday, May 27, 2016

I Checked The Clock : I Moved On PT.5 (So, It's Like This?)

 When will the madness cease? I spotted the long line!!  punishment gluttons increase in numbers.

No justice no peace is the slogan per #StaywokeBET ;   like Donald Trump winning, others in astonishment press buttons on calculators /  IBM or HP keyboards trying to run the numbers.

Another slumbers, what's up with those / these? some fell asleep in class, now an unexplained phenomena with mad hits on Google and You Tube.

Meanwhile the brotha O-Dog drops funky numbers, while O-Zone survives!! he figures the cipher out!! but complex like rubix cube.

In the smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors I checked the clock, realized it was time to move on, but oppostition is met.. per Donald Trump vs Bernie Sanders shady dealing some challenge my .

I  had to get my groove on!!  Baby Baby Baby! Per James Brown;  I got that feeling!  I'm Not Through dealing!

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