Sunday, May 08, 2016

The DMV Showcase

We had to dip for a minute or two,  the results are this DMV Showcase. 

Circumstances made us trip for a minute, while cults of personality were moving slow in the race.

Some blamed it on Mercury retrograde in Taurus, meanwhile a  Donald Trump boisterous type personality was shown during the charade! 

The  Jacksons blamed it on the boogie,  so who'll work with me?  I was moving fast like Delta jets toward Washington, rolling up on Reagan International Airport during the charade. 

Some blamed Reagan in the sport per Oliver North / Rick Ross; who took a loss per the Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal connection? 

Back in the ATL?  some gamed like Gangster Disciples extorting Rick Ross per the Growth and Development connection. 

How do you feel? DMV aka District of Columbia / Maryland and Virginia residents are the real deal in this section!!

Interdictions per Hunger Games Peacekeepers doing the Capitol's bidding? 

Intersections under surveillance with cameras in the DMV!! any escape attempts down the Potomac like the Edmondsons?  rescued by Alfred Pope per the DC taxi driver;  Mason Dixon line survivors?  O-Zone is dipping down I-95 trying to see what the vibe is. 

..Like the Pope I'm waving at constituents as we deal with this!!  please, we're all the way live!!  that's how the tribe does. 

So what's up cuz?  coping strategies are tested like patience per I-95 / I-295 / I-395 traffic and Metro train electrical problems

So what's up cuz?  coping strategies are tested like my patience per this DMV Showcase,  exposing issues and problems.  

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