Saturday, May 28, 2016

The I-20 Chronicles (Therapy / Uncharted Territory )

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta per this Memorial Day Holiday Weekend; all due respect to those who made the ultimate sacrifice...

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, it's therapy as I ride through uncharted territory metaphorically; *it ain't nothing nice*

Who'll understand a brotha? my back is against the wall like Golden State Warriors as Cleveland Cavalier types wait in the cut..

I'm over on Candler Road in Decatur, beauty I wasn't beholding as some continue loathing and fearing!! some were acting like they were on that stuff...

Therapy kicking in sooner or later like the Larry Graham joint? I spotted the old Oldsmobile Delta 88 rolling up to Jiffy Lube.. leaking oil and transmission fluid.

Uncharted Territory? Dekalb Police was rolling through Decatur like Delta Forces but per Star Wars the Force Awakens within us!! I was riding through listening to some old Blackbyrds!! Rock Creek Park and Doing It Fluid.

But I was dipping when Cupid shot arrows, I dipped through the portal before it narrows!! moving at a High Velocity.

I'm Exercising using Diplomatic Immunity..Kirk Franklin mentioned that were God's Property.

Taking Care of business properly!! Local, National, Internation and Intergalactic!! dipped to the community in a hovercraft as this brotha brings science and math.

As we Transcend and Transform......reading this?  some may realize we're not the norm, we're on another path.

We're  rolling down I-20 in Atlanta undergoing  therapy in uncharted territory metaphorically,  trying to climb out of rabbit holes.

Who'll understand a brotha trying to tell you what the score will be?  dealing with karma from chilling with rabid souls?

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