Friday, February 06, 2015

Chopping Game Up PT.2

 Game gets chopped up!! there's no information overload!! game is peeped from the street, church, government or maybe the nine o'clock news on WGN up in Chi-Town; or on CNN at any time..

Meanwhile O-Dog will rock; the street code is followed!! we settled the scores with similes and metaphors!! plus we used an abundance of beats and rhymes...

Debatable Circumstance; being built or torn down? O-Zone checked the time...

Flavor Flav didn't have the clock; he was too busy pimpin plus dealing with the hustle knock!! so I have to use my mind...

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta Listening to the Time; Morris Day; others were pimpin like Warren Sapp!!

Chopping Game Up; but also praying!! that's how I make it to the next episode!! I never would have made it per Marvin Sapp!!

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