Friday, February 06, 2015

Rollin Up With A Small Army. PT.3

                     *a small army is coming after them*

*Steady Bombardment Of The Enemy Position* like Russian tanks rolling into the Ukraine  check out how *We're Rollin Up On Them*

Who started it? who put the full court pressure on like Arkansas per Nolan Richardson's 40 minutes of hell back in the day? like Syracuse what zone are you in?

I even felt the pressure!! some are cold hearted!!  Frozen but they didn't let it go!!  even though there's global warming they're just Ice Age residents who haven't thawed out;

Now they've  got the Brotha 0-Dog started; he *showed up to show out*

Going All Out!!  in the game?  this is word from a veteran now coaching!! through the portal I slid...

O-Zone?  coming through dropping this BreakBeat Science; letting you know what it do, what it does and what it did..

Some won't this project to skid; like we were on icy streets or roads..

Defense attorneys object to this and that!!  No Justice No Peace; as per Ferguson / NYC Chokeholds we reach Thresholds...

As we break strongholds; *Rollin Up On Them With A Small Army*  We've Got It!! as we combine project type math with Stanford; Harvard and Yale type academics..

Out There; dealing with reality; AKA The Mainstream Of Mathematics...

Out There; Bumping heads with fanatics; they're lost; looking for directions on Mapquest..

Meanwhile We're Rollin Up Wit A Small Army!!! we conduct Funk Seminars; we rock out / drop funk;  might even  conduct a rap-fest..

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