Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Rolling Up With A Small Army PT.4

We brought a Small Army with us; O-Zone has this good word and O-Dog has the beats!! haters said it's Hazardous Material because we're equipped with the funk..

Rollin up on them in the Mothership;  damn!! Boom Boom goes the trunk!! 

Out on the fast break!! it'll end up with a dunk like we're Lebron James!!

Otherwise? we couldn't catch a break!! but now we're coaching!! progress was shown by these veterans in the game!!!

The wise and otherwise did what they do; somebody said we Better Call Saul!!  old dude from back in the day told me it's all game!!  so I govern myself accordingly..

What's up y'all? this dude had a clue!! like chilling in the Ukraine I'm  knowing where the boundary or border would be...

...Knew where the out of order sign would be!! like Kanye West worried about a Grammy?   it was a distraction..

The Truth Game was being played so a brotha limits his interaction...

Even though I'm All Up In The House / All Up In The Spot; in the middle of the action...

*Rebuking The Hostile Takeover*  just like Nigeria supposedly fighting  Boko Haram we're  trying to start a Chain Reaction...

Per the Crusaders;  when Bringing it Back?  Back In Love Again like LTD and Jeffrey Osborne? 

Rolling up on haters until they come correct; might even rock out like Van Halen or Ozzy Osbourne...

Rolling up on haters until they come correct; Ultimatum given; like Bourne;  but Maintaining my Identity..

Rebuking The Hostile Takeover!! jokers are still hating!! I built a fortress around my entity..

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