Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Rolling Up With A Small Army PT.1

                                      as we proceed and continue

As we proceed and continue; we're doing what we do!! I told a hater  *A Small Army Is Coming After You

Once Again!!  it's the Sonic Assault!! the situation is out of control!! how were jokers trying to roll?  like Jordan with the execution after their pilot was burned we blast back at those representing evil..

Able to see through the plot and scheme!! like the Seahawks losing to the Patriots because of a bad call we ask;  Who's Part Of The Conspiracy?

Out There In The Babylon Wilderness!! collateral damage like Bobby Kristina?  they told me I know what the deal is!! they say it comes with the territory..

Out There In The Mainstream of Mathematics;  like the comeback of  Missy Misdemeanor Elliott  we're bearing witness to the struggle; just like others do...

Dropping the funk; The Good Word!! haters like Blogster say it's Hazardous Material  when we come through..

*We're Rolling Up with a Small Army*  at the O-Dog Podcast?  snares and 808's are like IRAMS...

Improvised Rocket Assisted Mortars; blasting missiles like Iran's..

Complex is how the sport is!! the Sonic Assault represents blues like B.B and Bobby Blue Bland's; and other old schoolers.

Funk like James Brown; six degrees; six minutes like Doug E Fresh and Slick Rick the ruler's...

O-Zone has Harper Lee *To Kill A Mockingbird*  type sequels;  history repeating per separate but equal?  smoke and mirrors? it's hard to see through!!  war over? please!! the triangle of death is still busy..

per Iraq? guess who's back!!  O-Dog is rocking you heard? we roll up with a small army!! we get busy..

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