Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Fantasy / Reality Mashups PT.4 (Lemons Into Lemonade)

Reality is remixed; a new rendition, retro and the future combined; *Outside The Box* but *All Up In The House*

Knowledge is kicked to the opposition in breakbeat scientific fashion!! teaching them a lesson /  curiosity I'll arouse..

O-Dog is back with it; using jazz, funk, house and hip-hop; *Hard Hat With The Lantern On Top*  like I was at a construction site or a coal mine!! Blue Collar /  Mechanical Engineering; in the lab beats are mined / then mixed, but realizing the devil will oppose!!

O-Zone is back with it; forces combine as alter-egos hit you up with the beat and prose..

Flashlights  shine like Parliament; or even po-po,  even though they stand down in Waco but the hood stays occupied; like Pops said somebody lied!!  it just wasn't natural!! you can't call that photosynthesis!!

Hindsight is 20/20;  my mind took photos /  peeped game to see who started it, now  we *holla back atcha*  It's All Part Of The Natural Process..

Getting our minds right; check out this Fantasy / Reality Mashup,  now we'll rock this!! but nothing is PhotoShopped like North Korea submarine missile launch photos

Not trying to fall off like New England Patriots and Deflategate, we deflect the hate like a pro does!!

 I'm in the hostile territory where the Patriot Act made so called patriots act like an American pharoah!! 

I was left with a bunch of lemons so I squeezed them and made lemonade like old ladies at the diner; but I told pharoah to let my people go even though I'm not a whiner!! a brotha's hustle?  they'll knock even though I'm trying to win like American Pharoah!!

An American said Negro please!! but we proceed and continue to rock; we're turning these lemons into fresh lemonade!!

Fantasy / Reality Mashups are used after the mothership crashed up in this piece like Amtrak trains in Philly!! so what's the deally?  we're hip to these earthlings and the ongoing charade!!

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