Friday, May 22, 2015

Pushing The Envelope Like A Postal Employee

 What's the deal? I'm pushing the envelope like I was a postal employee...

What's the deal? crushing embellishments was the business so coping strategies have some going postal from Ferguson to Baltimore; I was trying to chill, but I felt the pressure!! they might have to deploy me!!

Boy please!!  check out how we're working it son!!  underground type sound is provided by O-Dog; bubbling under the surface / for now that's how we work this..

...Can't be at ease during this crisis / emergency, O-Zone is dropping this good word like Hillary Clinton e-mails; we're trying to figure out how to work this...

...Can't be at ease per ISIS / The Islamic State!!  check that type of business!! the danger zone expands!!

*Ain't nothing nice* about this!! I felt the hate per lights blinking on the instrument panel; on earth the mothership lands...

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