Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I'm In and Out Of It

A brotha is *Going In*  well, actually?  we're in it now up to our necks!!  we're calculating The Dark Mystery Of Time and Space..

What's really going on? like Obama immigration policies facing opposition I'm dealing with those that are foul and haven't Stopped Hatin per Master P; I keep them out of my face..

Told  you earlier I'm *Outside The Box*  because we got out of the race; we were Going In Circles like that joint by Billy Preston..

R.I.P to Lisa, a family member;  she had a good life, fought the good fight!!  now gone home; resting..

On this earth? no justice or peace for a brotha or sista, the system keeps stressing!! O-Zone?  I continue doing what I do,  check the steelo; *Incognegro*  because nobody was checking for me..

That could be a good thing; Unlike Ludacris and Incognegro  another said please Negro!! or was it Negro please?  there's no co-defendant / some aren't with it; nobody wrecking the getaway vehicle for me..

This is still a hood thing, I'm not acting brand new with this!! No!! I'm not co-dependent; I'm independent!! a brotha is getting free and staying free..

I'm all about Liberation!! I wasn't up in it / avoiding LockDown Situations like those  FIFA leaders!!  *old earth*  was praying for me..

Due to low FICO scores authorities were laying for me; it's crazy!!  then like airstrikes in Yemen they'll try to blast..

Chefs operating in hell's kitchen prepare meals that lack nutrition,  so I'll try to fast..

Life is a marathon so *I'm Just Passing Through* chilling for a minute,  then I'll go back *Outside The Box*

Seminars are conducted along with scientific studies;  now these brothas come to rock...

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