Friday, February 24, 2017

Raw Data PT.4 (That Friday Feeling Edition)

Chilling out!! but somebody said I need to go back to school and take classes. 

I told them I'm already processing raw data;  enrolled in Adversity University where some of these students act a fool with their fake asses!!

Jokers dealing with adversity?  they're taking chances!! swing batter batter swing!! that was the encouragement from the sidelines!! now some are geeked up, trying to impress somebody. 

Trying to get in where they fit in? I don't know; enough adversity anniversaries rolled around to let me know that's not the answer; in the meantime and between time funk is dropped for a dancer to move their body!!

Work will be done in a breakbeat scientific manner as this raw data is processed..

Thought and fashion police searched for the mad hatter synthetic marijuana!!  please!! Sean Spicer mentioned Federal laws will be stressed..

I heard them say I've become undone!!  mad hatter syndrome? was a dude stressed? 

Please!! that Friday Feeling is exhibited in a natural manner!! like old girl over in Decatur? the vanity licence plate on the old school Fleetwood Brougham said Highly Favored; oh, and Blessed!! 

What's up brougham? please!! that Trump administration shady dealing is rebuked!! even John Boehner had to laugh at it... 

Listening to the Clinton Adminstration (George that is, not Hillary) with Clyde Stubblefield and their version of Cosmic Slop; O-Zone brought this math with it..

The path? it's different based on the vision plus, based on field research it's due to the interpretation of the raw data..

The wrath? still felt from thought and fashion police based on how I'm living!! excuse me for being too raw when I "holla atcha"

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