Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The I-20 Chroncles (We're Back On The Set)

I'm back on the set!! not sitting this one out like Trump at the correspondents dinner. 

Distractions / deflections sized up per the speech to Congress; I didn't stress, reflections analyzed up in the hooptie  while rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!!  beats thump, the tracks are real winners. 

Interactions? who's disrespecting? it's real out here for veterans and beginners!!  Price Waterhouse Coopers interference per visions of winning Oscars awaiting some?

It's real out here for veterans and beginners!! Trayvon Martin or  Oscar Grant type episodes are awaiting some. 

No need to debate some;  they remain partisan like CPAC 2017 and DNC chair elections.

No need to rate some,  as we come back rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!!  we know how the search for perfection goes. 

The search for insurrection has become an industry  per paid agents and provocateurs. 

The search for beat perfection has O-Dog swerving like the Soul Sonic Force or like Ashford and Simpson finding cures. 

The work of a retro futuristic mystic continues!! I navigate through the smoke / fog and mirrors running like OJ Simpson through airports back in the day!! I'm rocking a lime green safety vest..

Work is put in!! metro districts, wards and boroughs? O-Zone rides through while dipping down I-20 in Atlanta!! for the weary? there's no rest!

Work is put in!!  who'll understand a brotha from Louisville, the home of Muhammad Ali?  facing opposition at not just airports like the son of Muhammad Ali..

..Or maybe like North Korean officials or citizens caught out there like Kim Jong-nam; thought and fashion police act like they know the deally..


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