Monday, February 27, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles; Oh Yes!! We're Still Rolling, In Transition

I-20 Chronicles type of business still gets handled!!  you can say we're in transition.

...The response to these and those with the business that gets mishandled like Oscar awards shows  leading to Oscargate;  check out the public transportation / transformation.

Trayvon Martin and Oscar Grant types get stopped at the gate!! society said they weren't in formation! entry into La La Land was denied,  so now authority is defied!! per Steve Gadd the drums play plus this good word is typed into The iPhone.

What were they starting? society still shows hate!! this dude sums up the consequences!!  oh yes!! per rolling down I-20 on the offensive  a sack full of the good word is hauled by O-Zone.

What were they starting? it's like the Mosul offensive as I kept my eye on a clone and a drone!!  it's easy to be taken out.

Plus, no strong arm muscle is needed!! per Kim Jong-nam  that VX poison is making noise in world!!  chaos is breaking out.
Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta!!  what were some on? spotted big homie, an old school veteran who served in Vietnam nicknamed "Papa Smurf" :  him and his folks play it another way after losing their poise in the mainstream of mathematics!!  they're messed up off of those rocks ands that meth! out on  Glenwood Road in Decatur searching for hits.

That's how they worked it in the ATL / Decatur / Oaktown / Houston / Louisville; actually, all over the earth /  worldwide!! "where ever you at" :  drunk or smoked out or into other things!! cutting up! having fits!

...Or trying to get their hustle on! hitting licks! from Ratchet Friday all the way to this Monday morning and all points in between:  jokers were  making the nightly news.

Social engineering?  shadetree mechanics had ratchets, wrenchs and screwdrivers but like the Trump adminstration  the structure wasn't worked on properly; what's up with the loose screws?

Mechanical engineering takes place when these cats are in transition; beats thump and this good word is dropped after rolling down I-20 in Atlanta..

Due to fear and loathing souls are corrupted! what's up with it? somebody might understand a brotha!!

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