Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Perspective PT.8 (Throwback Thursday Edition)

It's going down!! check the perspective on this Throwback Thursday!!  a dude is dropping this science like bowel movements.  

It's going down!! some disrespected like Trump vs the Intelligence agencies;  attitudes?  some were copping!!  I spot signs of foul movements. 

Longitude and latitude are determined,  I see the movements / I see  them swerving!!  some say its chaotic like the White House

Your wrong dude!!  that's what thought and fashion police said about these Thursday Thoughts /  this insight, that I mixed with jazz, funk,  and house. 

Oh yes!! house music,  along with hip hop!! spiritual healing!!  the opposite of Chinese torture chambers or Gitmo waterboarding?

Do It Fluid like the Blackbyrds? the water will drip drop!!  please!! from the "get go"  I knew some weren't on one accord "in this thing"

Check the perspective; a brotha is dropping this good word per reflecting in the Honda Accord while rolling down I-20 in Atlanta with these disappointed Atlanta Falcons fans.

Check the perspective; rolling up I-85 towards Doraville / Chamblee and Clarkston;  constituents lay low because of the ICE raids and the immigration ban. 

What's up man? that's what dude asked me at the Quik Trip service station over on Wesley Chapel Road in Decatur, before asking me to buy him some gas...

I said man please!! my tank is near empty!! that's what I told him; greenbacks? I didn't fold them!! now a hater says I have no class..

The perspective shows me there's a class war as haters raise the bar; my constituents are out here struggling...  

This perspective is dropped on what I call a Throwback / Thirsty Thursday as hunger and thirst will be the fuel to keep us moving...

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