Saturday, February 18, 2017

The I-20 Chronicles (Still Funky Drumming)

Rolling down I-20 in Atlanta feeling the ATL vibe; "I can feel it,  something's in the air tonight" /  borrowing a line from Phil Collins.

Dealing with it?  per the Falcons and other situations I'm feeling the ATL tribe!! the tension / confusion / frustration?  mind blowing decisions?

Per Heatwave;  but O-Dog is still funky drumming, he'll misbehave!! the beat slave in me will keep crate digging.

Digital?  analog? R.I.P to the original funky drummer Clyde Stubblefield!!  O-Dog?  per Saturday Morning business he rocks the stubble out here in the field, navigating through the smoke / mirrors and the fog!!  the old school Baptist preacher said keep living.

What it do? per Trump vs The Media there's a lot of rumbling out there in the field!! the hatred is triggering revolutionary responses!! we had some of the sonic variety.

What it do? per Trump vs McCain even Republicans feel the pain!! no abatement?  I rebuke them all with responses of the sonic variety!
What's really going on?  beats thump as we kept on funky drumming!!  others are feeling the pain, some showing emotion!!  confusion was the main ingredient.

Had notions; the system? they have us coming and going! everybody plays the fool; word from the Main Ingredient.

Rex Tillerson and G20 pimps / players getting greedy with it? gamblers were out for a fast buck.

We kept on funky drumming!! didn't let them impede me and my progress!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta in the hooptie passed up by a player in the Ford F150, a fast truck!!

We kept on running / God kept on blessing us and believe me they're accepted.

The saga /struggle continues, but you know the devil and his advocates kept stressing us!! sometimes disrespected.

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