Wednesday, February 08, 2017

The Perspective PT.7 (HumpDay Extravaganza)

It's going down per this HumpDay Extravaganza!!  I'm trying to interpret the perspective. 

Trying to get over the hump!!  let the healing process begin!!  that's how we're trying to work it! 

The healing of the spirit is not complete as we try to work it!!  they'll shut us down like Elizabeth Warren in the Senate. 

But she persisted, quoting Coretta Scott King sciptures!!  processes are corrupted,  but we know what we're dealing with it. 

Drama is revisited when wannabe  kings and queens present alternative facts per Trump / Bannon,  check out the perspective. 

Drama kings and queens /  alternative blacks per African Americans supporting Trump?  check the perspective.

Tokens taking tokens of appreciation like Ben Carson and running with them?  I guess they're accepted.

Getting open!! meanwhile my constituents are using tokens for public transportation!! in the Bay Area on BART? in the ATL on MARTA? sometimes accepted.

Check the perspective; tokens interrupted my transformation..they disrespected!! they were enemy collaboraters.

Check the perspective; motions heard from the corrupt?  information was accepted as evidence or the truth by perpetrators.

Check the perspective from this November Man / Scorpion playing the sport again /  class is in session;  lessons will be learned per the Lunar Eclipse in Leo..

Check the perspective, is the game over man? confirmation for Jeff Sessions? please!! it's already rough for a Negro!!

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