Friday, February 17, 2017

The Perspective PT.9 (Flashback Friday Edition)

What's the perspective? those that disrespected had the nerve to say they had a Fresh Vision..

What's the perspective? of course a dude didn't do what was expected, he had a Different Vision..

What's the perspective? pathways were displayed, but there were no bells or whistles / no LED lights or spotlights.

What's the perspective?  math is displayed in response, beats thump and this good word is dropped:  check these insights as constituents in some of these spots such as immigrants demand rights

What's expected? wrath is displayed by these  Trump aka Agent Orange types; some are dismayed!!  rights and privileges soon revoked? 

Diversionary tactics? check the mathematics per laughter from the inside,  after plotters and schemers joked!
Revolutionary tactics?  transmitting live from a remote outpost,  minding and tending!  "Taking Care of Business"

Didn't shuck or jive, we've got Diplomatic Immunity..knowing that God is in the blessing business

Worldwide!! that's part of this perspective, so what's the business?  like Russian election hacking will there be interference?  had to admit we left, but even dipped back to your community!! like Scarface and Jay-Z guess who's back? per this Flashback Friday the hiatus is over...

Worldwide!! but actually the perspective is intergalactic!! a dude was on Mars cruising the ocean, on a Flashback Friday listening to Billy Ocean's Love Zone!! now moving back down to earth to repel the hostile takeover...

Homicide to genocide? disrespect part of a hot style makeover? atrocities from Trump so called inner cities to the Mideast per sending troops to the sands of Syria? 

We continue to ride down I-20 in Atlanta, perspective is altered by the proceedings but we continue; still proceeding!! dealing with the mass hysteria... 

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