Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Raw Data PT.3 (Concepts Revisited)

Processing the raw data; but I noticed morale was low!! astrologers blamed it on Mars in Aries square Pluto on Capricorn

Whatcha know? who'll "holla atcha" ?  drama queens and kings attended next level graduation ceremonies,  rocking caps and gowns. 

Whatcha know? scorn is shown by clowns at the West End Mall in Atlanta!!  dude wasn't being a man about it per Toni Braxton when he snatched his lady's phone, jumped out of the vehicle  and dashed through the parking lot!!

Whatcha know? scorn is shown by clowns!!  dude shouted into the phone out in the parking lot of South DeKalb Mall in Decatur!!  IRS took his tax refund due to child support owed!!  he mentioned a nefarious scheme or plot!!

Being built or torn down? I process this raw data as Aquarius season ended,  as the Sun is now in Pisces.

Debatable circumstances?  jokers will "holla atcha" with  various ways and means to  create a crisis!!

Republican Town hall meetings turn to riots!! I mentioned earlier that the morale is low!!

Republican clowns call it organized confusion,  because that's how they flow. 

A brotha can get down with the best of them;  Stress by Organized Konfusion ( Pharoahe Monch and Prince Po) plays in the hooptie as I dip down I-20 in Atlanta..

Breakbeat scientific with it though some say borderline belligerent, they don't understand a brotha!!

Processing raw data, going back and forth across boundaries or borders before new immigration laws go into affect..

Processing raw data!! garbage in garbage out mentioned by a hater!! showing no respect...


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