Sunday, May 27, 2018

Kenny G - By The Time This Night Is Over (Featuring – Peabo Bryson)

Sunday Jazz Continues on this Memorial Day Holiday weekend; it's a good time for this jazz music..

Much respect to veterans who paid the ultimate price; wreaking havoc? those that spaz think it's conducive...

Peace is elusive, left to your own devices wasn't even conducive!! I couldn't roll up on things it was too expensive..

Due to moves by politicians gas prices are at $3 dollars a gallon; the situation is a foul one, plus Mueller investigations weren't considered comprehensive..

Plus Morgan Freeman type of players are apprehensive, has the game changed or passed them by son?  

What's the deal man? old school moves needed like Kenny G with  By The Time This Night Is Over (Featuring – Peabo Bryson)? 

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