Monday, May 28, 2018

Summer Chillin ' Funky Jazz & Hip Hop ' Pt. 2

Sunday Jazz Continues; errr I mean per this Music Monday it's Digital Crate Digging!! actually?  it's a little of both...

Memorial Day type of business is going down!! chilling!! but a dude is far from a sloth..

Let the music play, as we put work in preparing this broth or elixir....

How did we play? breakbeat scientific principles are used to paint a picture

The pain? it'll getcha if you let it!! get into this Summer Chillin ' Funky Jazz & Hip Hop ' Pt. 2

The correct medicine!! check the playlist and the mix courtesy of LTB Music; act like you knew!!

 00:00 Vostok-1 - Sojourner

 04:10 Lazy Lewis - Falling Fast 

06:06 Blacksheep! - Stayawhile  

08:35 Beerlover - Special Girl 

11:40 Karlkaa - Really

15:55 Sid Baxter - Lait de Coco

 20:14 Guggenz - Miles Apart

24:40 Beerlover - Last Drink

27:00 The Beatknitter - Days Off

 30:25 Knight Ali - I Got You

 33:05 Sushi - Keepin on

 36:47 Sinusic - Lisboa

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