Tuesday, May 08, 2018

The I-20 Chronicles (Rolling Up / Rolling Through PT. 3)

O-Zone?  on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday I'm still  rolling up / rolling through on I-20 in Atlanta as I blast off into the universe!! I stay out there, on that other other!! as we go there!! we're out there  like whites that left the cities, now out in the suburbs.

What it do?  now we have gentrification as some roll back into the city!  were all floating in the same boat, some fall off now underwater like mortgages!!  Wells Fargo types get slick with it in mortgages and securities, now we're all getting played like busters and herbs.

This brotha curbs his appetite, but there are no insecurities!!  it's like I had to curb the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme that had a slipping transmission.

Too many trips down I-20 in Atlanta rolling up / rolling through? retired like the Space Shuttle Discovery after floating down streams of consciousness / in transition..
Dipping down Peachtree Rd in the ATL where everybody pulled out Atlanta Falcon jerseys.

Rocking the Julio Jones, some cats still had the Mike Vick number 7 over on Glenwood Road in Decatur!!  how were some living?  over at the e corner store on the ground were empty green Newport packs and old lottery tickets!! I'm in the thick of it, but a bruh has to be easy and work with these.
Rolling up / Rolling Through out on I-20 in Atlanta!! the ATL life was prominent!!  like the t-shirt at Stonecrest Mall dude was supposedly like Young Jeezy,  The Godfather of the Trap.

..Plus I heard the sound coming from the old school  Lexus over on Candler Road in Decatur;  lyrics we're incoherent,  but some dude was supposedly The Godfather of rap. 

So what's the haps? was a dude  caught up in an unpleasant situation like New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is?  naw!!  I'm posted up though,  caught in a moment of time that's usually a critical stage of development.

Hold the applause / claps , plus I'm still here no need to play taps!! blessed,   but still chased by the devil and his advocates.

 It's like that jam by the Ohio Players;  was it based on rolling on I-75  chilling on Ezzard  Charles street and Redding Road in Cincinnati with those Ohio players?

Rolling up / Rolling Through out on I-20 in Atlanta these days!! Caught up in a jam or unpleasant situation? please!! we're  trying to get over by  saying prayers

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