Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Paying The Cost To Be The Boss PT. 10

Paying the cost to be the boss!! excuse me but there's been a change of plans; per this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday manifesto  regular scheduled programming has been interrupted.

May Day!! May Day!!  how did some play? lose me?  it's not strange,  it's easy to do!!  blame it on that Full Moon in Scorpio!! thought process corrupted?

Let us pray!! so what's up with it?  changing your life is easier during this timeframe.

Now let us play!! so what's up with it? opposition is met!! jokers will give you a list of questions like Mueller gave Trump's lawyers;  toil and strife introduced by those playing a mind game? 

So what's up y'all? I see some paying the cost to be the boss!! phones were buzzing from the text messaging!! Georgia said don't drive it'll distract you!!   anyway,  it's just  the usual "he said she said"

In danger zones? I see some paying the cost to be the boss like Bill Cosby or even  Ronny Jackson, based on what was seen / heard /  said..

O-Zone? he's paying the cost to be the boss!! these stretches of imagination caused negative reactions from the thought and fashion police!! he checked the frowns on faces of those who were disappointed.

Clones? they're paying the cost to be the boss also!! please!!  confusion and frustration is the business introduced by the so called anointed..

What are you facing? like migrant caravans at the border we deal with policies implemented by joint committees, task forces and blue ribbon panels..

We're paying the cost to be the boss!! these clearance rack / thrift store epiphanies and prophecies were developed when lights blinked on instrument panels.
Solar panels reflect sun rays as the mothership dipped, we stayed  one step ahead of the federation.

Paying the cost to be the boss!! this brotha gets breakbeat scientific with it!! on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? that's how I dealt with the confusion and frustration..

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