Monday, May 21, 2018

The I-20 Chronicles : Rolling Up / Rolling Through PT. 7

Check out these I-20 Chronicles; once again it's on per this Monday Morning!!  your dude is rolling up / rolling through. 

I'm out on I-20 in Atlanta; like Trump trying to blame the DOJ for spying on his campaign I'm trying to see what it do. 

Rolling up / rolling through riding through the rain;  soon I'm up on I-75 breaking north. 

Connections to I-64 in Lexington were made after rolling through Tennessee so what will the deal be?   oh yes!! an ex- Louisvillian headed to Louisville to make a cameo appearance like Kevin Durant on Billions!!  so on and so forth.

As we go forth, like Durant and the Golden State Warriors beating the Houston Rockets!! just a Louisvillian / Louisvillain  checking on the golden lady / matriarch;  she was in dire straits. 

Lord help is the battle cry!! checking out the transition;  similar to being caught up in the system / matrix inspired by one who hates?

Why ask why? science lost in translation?  some are inspired by the debates like they're Rudy Giuliani. 

Soliciting payments like Michael Cohen trying to get open?  what will the response be? 

Dodging arraignments!!  rolling down Broadway up in Louisville I  spotted dude in the 80's model Buick Electra 225. 

...Also known as the deuce and a quarter;  was he out of order listening to Tribe Called Quest's Bonita Applebum?  he was all the way live!!

Soon this dude was dipping back down I-75 headed back to Atlanta; I noticed  the highway transformed from the Tuskegee Airmen Memorial Trail in Kentucky to Senator Albert Gore Trail at the Tennessee border. 

In Tennessee? I spotted giant crosses next to adult entertainment stores!!  now back on I-20 in Atlanta rolling up /  rolling through checking scores;  who else is out of order? 

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