Friday, May 04, 2018

The I-20 Chronicles (Rolling Up / Rolling Through)

Once again it's on!! I'm trying to catch up on these I-20 Chronicles, we're out here acting like we knew..

Once again it's on!! expeditions down I-20 in Atlanta continue!! it's the launching pad to the universe as we bring a beat and a verse, rolling up / rolling  through!!

We're rolling up / rolling through!!  we didn't cancel like NASA with the lunar rover  Resource Prospector!! 

 We're rolling up / rolling through!!  like black students in a NASA competiton opposition was met!! but what did you expect bro?

Rolling through in the hooptie, not walking with the ghetto blaster like Radio Raheem!!  cutting off the Kanye West, listening to some old Jedi Mind Tricks!! in these times? it's appropiate.

What level will it be? haters will play mind games and dirty tricks like Richard Nixon; things are complex son, enhanced by the ongoing crisis per the opioids..

LA is suing Purdue Pharma and others but what about the others like Haji Juma Khan shipping it straight from Afghanistan!! please!! poppy was a bumper crop, junkies worldwide hope it is.. we deal with barbituates as I pitch this old school style like Bob Gibson or Denny McClain;  breakbeat science? I cope with this!!

As we proceed and continue rolling up / rolling through down I-20 in Atlanta  so what it do? over in Decatur my people are feeling the pain,  any hope for this?  please!! jokers are like Benjamin Netanyahu ready to start a war with Iran..

Jokers are ready to roll up / roll through!! they'll catch you off guard like Rudy Giuliani did Trump's legal team!! see what I mean,  man?

Jokers are ready to roll up / roll through, so what's good man? big homie was even  asking this bro!!

...My response? the Sonic Assault.. out on I-20 in Atlanta is where we're caught!! rolling up / rolling through!! a veteran in the game now coaching, a real professional.

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