Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The I-20 Chronicles (Rolling Up / Rolling Through) PT.8

Check out this HumpDay Extravaganza!! we're still out here on I-20 in Atlanta during this rainy morning rush hour; acting like we knew!! swags / styles / steelos are adjusted after one took the cost into consideration.

Getting over the hump is the mission, understand a brotha? negroes still search for justice and peace!! we're out here rolling up / rolling through,  but it'll cost to get progressive liberation.

Please!! these institutions will run operations like Stefan Halper that'll hurt or help ya!!  check these scenarios,  as we push the envelope like we're in the mail room!!

Trying not to go postal , whatcha know bro? not down with the Freedom Caucus but we're on top of this!! tales of hope replace tales of doom!

East or West Coastal!! from rolling out on I-80 in Oakland to I-20 in Atlanta we're trying to start a ruckus /  get open!! we're trying to make the most of this as temples of doom are attacked by the sonic assault!!

Others brag and boast about this and that!! they're rolling up / rolling through /  fronting some even  talking about a deep state!! their response to the hell that's caught.

We had to light that spot up, it was full of deep hatred!! who's waiting in the dark? change is coming.

Change or be changed!! park the vehicle or ride out as we dip down I-20 in Atlanta rolling up / rolling through, so who's coming?

Rolling through the spot with the funky drummer drumming!! it's the steady bombardment of the enemy position.

Rolling through!! act like you knew!! were all up in the spot, up in the heart of it!! no protest allowed? even NFL owners mention no national anthem kneeling!!
Rolling up / rolling through /  doing what we do!! we finish what they started, they were illing!!  this is retribution.

Rolling Up / Rolling Through / doing what we do!! now they're mad at a bruh because I ignored the institution

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