Monday, May 14, 2018

The I-20 Chronicles (Rolling Up / Rolling Through) PT. 5

Like Trump consulting with Sean Hannity I ponder past,  present,  and future episodes / situations as I visualize the sequence.

Beats thump and this good word is dropped; who'll understand me after blasting off in breakbeat scientific modes from the launching pad on I-20 in Atlanta?  universal is how we'll freak this. 

Reality will stump scholars when taking the test!! now some are praying / fasting!!  bleak is the outlook for some!! drama started like the new US Embassy in Jerusalem?  we'll pull out the drum to inspire them. 

Some were rolling up / rolling through, flashy cool!! they were putting it down!!  coach of the year like Dwayne Casey,  but somebody will fire them. 

Dire straits for some of them!! they're caught up / caught out there  in the treacherous waters with sharks and piranhas.

Others were fired up by spiritual debates on the Sunday morning that I started writing this!!  preaching brings views of panaroma. 

Related to the paranormal after finding out what the storm will do?  it's not easy per Sunday morning mentioned by the Commodores.

Like Trump vs China  some normalize the drama!! I see how they play,  they'll even bring it to your front doors. 

Beats thump in the hooptie; where did you find a brotha? I'm still out here on I-20 in Atlanta rolling up / rolling though...

Truth be told? I go back and forth like Cameo per the ode to Music Monday!! backtracking like Rudy Giuliani will do?

Truth be told? some go forth acting like they knew!! they're in a caste of thousands out in this rush hour traffic on I-20 on this Monday Morning..

Truth be told? some go forth acting like they knew! rolling up / rolling through even though powers that be will play them; rebuking and scorning...


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