Monday, May 07, 2018

The I-20 Chronicles (Rolling Up / Rolling Through PT.2)

 Check out these I-20 Chronicles, this is a rush hour edition per the start of another work week..

My constituents are rolling up / rolling through!! rush hour is thick on this Monday Morning, routes some will tweek..

Rolling up / rolling through, the outlook is bleak for some, others were acting like they  knew like Rudy Giuliani, so what will the response be?  

Rolling up / rolling through!! jokers will wreak havoc per Donald Trump and his advocates like Kellyanne Conway spinning the truth!! we're wise to the whole set up / hip to where these cons will be..

I finished writing this on a Sunday after listening to the pastor / priest even though I started writing  this in the middle of the week;  humping!!

Part of the Humpday Extravaganza? damn!!  now Monday morning has rolled up!! what will the response be? metal heads hooked up some Judas Priest as Muslims pray to the east!! so what's coming?

Jews and Palestines clash in the Gaza!! no peace in the Middle East?  but thats not a new thing.

Rolling through on I-20 in Atlanta as we clash with so called titans passing me up in the Chevy Camaro, the  Mercedes Benz and the Lexus!! some think they're important / they're doing the damn thing!!
Rolling Up / Rolling through!! from I-65 in Louisville / Newburg to  Tennessee home of the Titans to down here in the A-Town?  breakbeat scientific methods are used as we get down / we fight that!!

Rolling Up / Rolling through!! my ode to Music Monday? Run DMC, It's Like That!! oh yes!!  that's the truth / it's like this and like that!

Childish Gambino will tell you This Is America, so who'll be fair with ya? so what's up / what it do? 

Las Vegas / Reno / Atlantic City moves are made as some gamble with their fate!! others are trying not to be late during this rush hour on I-20 in Atlanta!! they're rolling up / rolling through...

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