Friday, December 01, 2017

The Battle Cry Is Still Used ; Lord Help!! Lord Help!! PT .2

Per Flashback Friday? I went back into my archives,  now concepts are revisited...

How will I play?  December 1st  arrives after going through Scorpio Season in November; The Battle Cry Is Still Used!!  Lord Help!! Lord Help!! especially after the drama is revisited..

Drama revisited when seeds planted by the sexual revolution led to today's charges of sexual misconduct?

Who's listed? from Matt Lauer to John Conyers to Russell Simmons!!  check the evolution, it's hard out here for a pimp!! how was I living? an attempted display orderly fashion was the conduct..

Didn't roll with the corrupt; dropped science on them, thats whats up!!  during the ongoing evolution did I need to give them time to make up their mind or will circumstances make it up for them?

Being built or torn down during debatable circumstances?  who's for or against them? 

I was in another realm collecting scattered thoughts in the sea of consciousness!! it's like a fisherman and fresh catches.

I was in another realm launching these sonic assaults after the holiday hiatus; now coming with this!!  I'm bringing fresh batches

You can catch us out here doing what we do,  acting like we knew. 

You can catch us out here dealing with the toil and strife; some of my constituents call it going through. 

Life will have us all out here going through it!! there's always something!!  that's why the battle cry is still used!!

Lord help is heard when I was going in / getting it in!!  that's the battle cry that's used!!

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