Friday, December 13, 2019

B.T. Express – Give Up The Funk (Let’s Dance)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Flashback Friday; excuse me but I gave the cash back and I’m doing things my way..
Not a sellout, Unbought and Unbossed like Hosea Williams andShirley Chisholm, do the math / do the history..
Like I said it’s Flashback Friday; anyway, that Friday Feeling is exhibited while ill behavior is exhibited per others being bought out like Moscow Mitch and his crew..
Breaking news from a breakbeat scientist? shady dealing rebuked asArticles Of Impeachment are implemented, listen to the GOP for what bitching and moaning will do…
Breaking fools? that’s what reality will do as the saga / struggle continues karma and life is a bitch,  as priorities shift due to the toil and strife!!
Breaking fools? that’s what reality will do per the paradigm shift,  unless they follow the instructions of B.T. Express and Give Up The Funk (Let’s Dance) take a chance!! a strategy to deal with the toil and strife!!
During the ongoing toil and strife? we’ll dip like Lamar Jackson all up in the action..
Check us out it’s going down!! we’re O-Dog Day Partying!! all up in the action..

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