Sunday, December 08, 2019

Winter Night | JazzHop

Sunday Jazz Continues on a cool Sunday night in Atlanta; weather forecasters mentioned rain is on the way, plus there'll be a wedge..

In Atlanta that would be cold weather blowing in from the east, mainly the Atlantic Ocean; meanwhile a fanatic had a notion but didn't do the knowledge..

The mothership gets good mileage, just got off I-20 here in Atlanta, I consider it the runway / gateway to the universe...

A brotha gets breakbeat scientific, maybe somebody will understand a brotha, but those that hate make me pray and curse!!

Plus we'll provide this flavor burst on  this cool evening, listening to Winter Night | JazzHop, courtesy of the Fantastic Music You Tube Channel..

Check the playlist and the mix, it's a couple of more weeks to the Winter Solstice, souls will get hit up by this!! maybe somebody will understand a brotha...

🎼 Tracklist
00:00 Phlocalyst ft. Meadow - Parapluie
02:49 Spaze Windu - Fubu
04:57 Mr. Käfer - Simplicity 
07:31 Leavv w_ Hazy Year - Hold On  
09:12 Hazy Year - Sessions 
11:45 Karavelo - Katsudon 
13:10 Mora - Golfi 
14:39 Figub Brazlevic - Méditerranée 
16:32 Spaze Windu - Jazzhands 
18:49 Psalm Trees - Diggin' in Japan 
21:08 Oatmello X Psalm Trees - 4am

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