Sunday, December 15, 2019

Smooth Jazz Mix (Radio Podcast) Episode # 1

Sunday Jazz Continues!! check us out as we put smooth sounds on these menus..
Check us out; menus at the soul food spot that was busy after Sunday service this morning or drop down menus on your computer / tablet / phone; once again it’s on!! the saga / struggle continues…
…my way of saying life goes on; once again it’s on!! we’re swerving with this / back with this smooth sound..
The toil and strife goes on so every now and then you’ll have to wind down; during the ongoing spiritual warfare? you’ll have to stand down!!
A perfect way to wind down / stand down? listening to Smooth Jazz Mix (Radio Podcast) Episode # 1
It’s courtesy of Smooth Jazz Nation Power, the sound selector is DJ Equip Mode; he’s on one..
Check the relocation, he’s usually on You Tube but now onSoundcloud in podcast mode!!
Check the vocation; check out the playlist and the mix; we’ll catch up on the other episodes..
Check the vocation; check us out as we do this!! still in breakbeat scientific modes..

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