Saturday, December 28, 2019

Top Funky and Urban Soul Music Non Stop from Irma Records

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this  Saturday morning special edition; we're in the lab chilling!!

Had to take things down a thousand, devils "holla at me" arousing that revolutionary feeling...

....due to their shady dealing; now I'm sitting back chilling analyzing the information / coming up with the prognosis...

Chilling,  analyzing the information like concerning Trump impeachments, what's up with it? McConnell vs Pelosi ? 

Jumping to conclusions / recognizing the pattern now reaching for success or failure? in 2020 rolling into uncharted territory; you heard? 

The sound we're using as a vehicle, listening to these Top Funky and Urban Soul Music Non Stop tracks, check courtesy of Irma Records..

Check the playlist and the mix!! nu soul, acid jazz, jazzhop and soulful house music!! it's all conducive!! this is going down from Italy to here in Atlanta..

Still getting breakbeat scientific from 2019 to 2020 to beyond, God willing!! somebody will understand a brotha!

Tracking list:
1 Melody in the Sky - Lo Greco Bros, Flow Bop 00:00:00

2 I can love Nobody (Lovers Edit) - Don Carlos 00:06:32

3 Shame - Orange Factory 00:11:09

4 It's Not Over (Alex Di CiÚ RMX) BodyDown Edit - Gazzara 00:15:37

5 No Other Way - Tiger Cloth, Filippo Perbellini, Lydia Lyon 00:20:35

6 Serrado - Bossa Nostra 00:23:44

7 The Bridge feat Romina Johnson - Piero Masciarelli 00:29:13

8 Masquenada - Blade & Masquenada Family 00:33:20

9 Spread Your Love - 2 Men 4 Soul 00:38:54

10 I Loose Control - Alan Scaffardi 00:44:01

11 Break It To Me Now - Soul Quality Quartet 00:47:30

12 Keep Hanging on Me - Double Dee 00:54:34

13 Caterpillar (Zone RMX) - Amana MelomÈ 00:59:14

14 Lovers' Paradise (Ice One Sugar Remix) - Al Castellana 01:03:33

15 Tomorrow will be the Same feat Alessia Piermarini - Black Mighty Wax 01:07:39

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