Thursday, December 12, 2019

Oh!! So That’s What They Meant!! (Part Five)

Check us out on this Throwback Thursday, as we "holla back" like J Anthony Brown returning to the last episodes of the Tom Joyner Morning Show..

Check us out as we go back to the future, we had to fall back to the Full Moon in Gemini, scientist call it a Full Cold Moon; confirmed? weather forecasters say per a collapsed Polar Vortex it'll show..

We've also got the Geminid Meteor Shower, no Trump golden showers that's another story; the sport is complex, not trying to visualize that!!

Somebody lied, shouting with force / power like the GOP in  Trump impeachment hearings thinking somebody will fear that!!

Oh!! So That’s What They Meant! meanwhile we're dropping knowledge!! per the articles of impeachment being marked up  this can also be considered breaking news from a breakbeat scientist. 

Oh!! So That’s What They Meant! jokers declared that, meanwhile we're moving forward looking for a breakthrough as others called themselves studying the God Particle; aka  the Higgs Boson at the Large Hadron Collider; preached about by scientists..

 Digital Crate Digging Continues per these breakbeat scientists; we'll be dropping something "phat and all that"  like the Throwback Thursday catch phrase. 

...or maybe the Flashback Friday one;  jokers want to see us come undone,  but like Isleys we move on to the next phase.

Oh!! So That’s What They Meant! jokers declared that after they saw us drop that funk;  they see us running these plays like we're Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens..

Oh!! So That’s What They Meant! jokers declared that after bearing witness to this by-product from safe harbors / safe havens..

Oh!! So That’s What They Meant! actually it's safe havens / safe harbors!! check my conduct as O-Zone chills in the comfort zone; success gurus said we should leave it..

Oh!! So That’s What They Meant! been there done that,  already entered attack zones per the O-Dizzle mix; we're on our own level of achievement 

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