Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Oh!! So That’s What They Meant!! (Part Two)

It's going down per this Humpday Extravaganza; getting over the hump is the business, understand a brotha?

Some we're heard saying, Oh!! So That’s What They Meant!! scientific principles were lost in transition / translation, not understood by another..

Check the public transportation / transformation of a brotha, an urban wasteland survivor!! heroes vs villians? at the end of the day true positions will be revealed / they'll show..

Spotted the Louisvillian / Louisvillain fronting / flexing / swagging because the Louisville Cardinals are number one in college basketball; but at the end of the day, it's like the Kentucky Derby win, place, or show.

Spotted saying damn!!  Oh!! So That’s What They Meant!! especially after Kentucky routed them in football, so what's up y'all?  meanwhile we proceed and continue with this breakbeat scientific style.

Spotted saying damn!! Oh yes!! that's what O-Dizzle was saying after consulting with extra- terrestrials; This is What They Meant By Funk? oh yes, now check the steady bombardment of the enemy position!! we're making it hard for the foul.

Spotted saying damn!! oh yes that's the deal after Ukrainians were consulting with Rudy Giuliani on behalf of Donald Trump now they're trying to get over the hump per impeachment hearings.. driving hard to the basket!! no foul called!! Mike Pompeo, Bill Barr, Lindsey Graham, and Mitch McConnell on the take? officials were paid off? 

Economy blew a gasket?  supposedly strong but my people feel the pain here in Atlanta; working two part time jobs to make ends meet with neither job having benefits; some call it a side hustle, officials played it off..

Hard to avoid basket cases!! jokers think they're strong but it's really guilt by association; the devil is a liar!! heard him laughing.

Soon catching cases, Oh!! So That’s What They Meant!! per the karmic repercussions; now  heard saying I'm using the P. U. S. H  theory; praying until something happens.

Oh!! So That’s What They Meant!! Rainbow Push like? the coalition told homie its all good in the hood.

Oh!! So That’s What They Meant?  maintaining bro!! pushing / moving forward trying to get over the hump!! this is what's up  for those who wonder what's good.

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