Monday, December 02, 2019

The I-20 Chronicles (Back to Regular Scheduled Programming)

Check out these I-20 Chronicles, it's going down on this Monday Morning after the Thanksgiving Day Holiday weekend..

It's back to regular scheduled programming; streets / roads? my constituents are jamming!! I mentioned being stuck in traffic earlier!  no work to do? that argument? it's a weak one..

The streak can be a winning or losing one; O-Zone? I'm stuck doing these mathematics while some will point fingers like Nick Saban after he get out- maneuvered..

The bleak outlook was caused by a crook saber rattling like Trump per his impeachment; at the moment?  out- maneuvered..

Havoc wreaked out here by a crook!? oh yes!!  guns were rattling from the streets of  New Orleans to the Mexican border!!  knifes were  pulled on the London Bridge..

O-Dizzle? he had his own  hook lines and his own beats!! he's jamming!!  during the ongoing ordeal / toil and strife?  O-Zone is responding by doing the knowledge...

What's the dizzle? we're still rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, back to regular scheduled programming!! over in Decatur?  some are my constituents are standing at the bus stop waiting on MARTA, checking the timeline!!  head down 'all into"  the phone.

 Disrespecting? is that how they're rolling? they're  here but not here!!  supposedly smarter but minds are a million miles away in another zone.

 Carrying the security blanket?  thankful for it, but being anti- social?  no need to make eye contact with the constituents

Caring if security blankets the area after they get jacked because they weren't paying attention?  due to the opioid crisis jokers needed their opiates and barbiturates.

Diplomatic immunity? we have the gist of it!! now dipping down I-20 in Atlanta, dipping through the community!!

Back with it!! I-20 Chronicling responding to this and that thing /  doing our thing!! mentioned "everybody ain't able" they'll act brand new with me...

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