Sunday, December 22, 2019

Oh!! So That’s What They Meant!! (Part Nine)

Sunday Jazz Continues, check us out!! some will be heard saying Oh!! So That’s What They Meant!!  it's going down as your dude will rock these venues...

The saga / struggle continues also, my way of saying life goes on!! some will be heard saying Oh!! So That’s What They Meant!! we're moving forward, once again it's on as we check these menus...

It can be drop down menus on your favorite website or it could be menus at your favorite soul food spot...

....on this Sunday; the preacher will tell you to govern yourself accordingly plus the word on the curb / word in the wind is that hell is hot!!

How did they play? Trump Impeachments conclude the year of 2019, plus the 2010 -2019 decade; meanwhile devil's advocates will conduct phishing expeditions trying to reach you check the ongoing charade!  plus authorities will use geo- fencing..

How did they play? who, O-Dizzle? some will be heard saying Oh!! So That’s What They Meant!! beats will bump his way of reaching constituents rolling like Mitt Romney and Susan Collins; on the fence again..

Digital Crate Digging Continues, it's also involved!  the music is dropped along with this good word; exercising diplomatic immunity no need to call Rollins Security;  some will be heard saying Oh!! So That’s What They Meant!! you should know how God's son will play...

Dropping the sound, can we get down? the sound is weaponized like it's North Korea firing projectiles into the sea, ignoring Trump; we're using this music to rebuke how these earthlings play..

This is how we work things, plus we'll pray; then we'll take action!! like I said we're  moving forwards never backwards..

This is how we work things, this is how we play!! check these breakbeat scientific reactions!! some will be heard saying Oh!! So That’s What They Meant!! it's a strategy that works!!

O-Dizzle is caught up in the sound, O-Zone drops that good word!! due to the changing weather patterns your dude is a little under the weather so he had to write his own street sermon; might as well say class is in session..

What's the dizzle? getting down after comfort zones were raided, switched after baited? priorities shift due to the paradigm shift but we're still rebuking  aggressions!!

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