Friday, April 03, 2020

Brand New Heavies - The Funk Is Back (Fouk Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Friday Night Fever segment; my constituents are eligible for it!!

Broadcasting live from quarantine central, just got back home to shelter in place after being out in those Atlanta streets  getting provisions / essentials, can you dig it?

Something tells me you would, "helter skelter"  are the ways of the world per this coronavirus pandemic; things will never be the same like that classic song from the 5th Dimension.

Something tells me failure is imminent for some in this world but we'll pray for victory!! meanwhile slick will be the ways of Jared Kushner types as collaborators adjust the medical national stockpile website; alright!! O-Zone's funds are low but I still paid attention.

We're telling others to pay attention as we roll up like the Brand New Heavies; The Funk Is Back (Fouk Remix)

Just in time for this Friday night, but this is good for any time frame, not playing a mind game as we get breakbeat scientific..

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