Saturday, April 04, 2020

Vocal House & Disco 🎧 April 2020

Digital Crate Digging Continues as we get this Saturday Night Fever segment underway...

Check us out as this O-Dog Day Party morphs into the Saturday Night Fever, we told a non- believer that our motto is "Let The Music Play"

Check us out, let us pray was the cue from the old school Baptist preacher!! it's appropriate for these days in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic..

Check us out, we knew how some of these fools would play!! wise to the set up!! some will politicize the corononavirus pandemic...

We did the math, anticipate the aftermath; it's academic  so in the meantime and between time we'll jam on it!! listening to Vocal House & Disco 🎧 April 2020

That path was laid out by DJ Groove, check the playlist and the mix as we stay on the move trying to uplift the morale / mood in 2020..

01) (00:00) Gay Marvine - Luv Thang
02) (05:26) Pete Le Freq - Stuff
03) (11:45) The Spinners - I'll Be Around (Frank Delour)
04) (16:14) Stephane Deschezeaux - Sweet Melody
05) (21:30) North End - Kind Of Life, Kind Of Love (PBR Streetgang Re-Version)
06) (29:14) Gene Farris - Sanctified Love (Jamie Lewis Club)
07) (35:46) Bobby D'Ambrosio feat. Lasala - Runaway Love (Michael Gray)
08) (41:41) Bobby & Steve - Let's Go All the Way (Extended Disco)
09) (49:10) Seamus Haji feat. Bryan Chambers - I Got You
10) (56:15) Me & My Toothbrush - Are You Gonna Rock
11) (01:00:05) Tom Novy, Twism, Tommie Cotton - The Funk Soul Brother (Twism & Wavy Dot. 2020 Soulafied)
12) (01:05:51) Sense of Sound Singers - Follow Me (Opolopo)
13) (01:12:23) Our Anthem - All Of Me (Kevin McKay)
14) (01:17:32) Gadjo feat. Alexandra Prince - So Many Times (Steve Angello's Moody)
15) (01:23:14) Lovebirds feat. Stee Downes - Want You In My Soul

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