Sunday, April 19, 2020

Weldon Irvine - Cosmic Vortex (Justice Divine)

Sunday Jazz Continues, check us out!! the pilot is "back up in here" steering the mothership...

Stepped outside to get some fresh air, the four walls were closing in due to sheltering in place / social distancing now a brotha is ready to get breakbeat scientific..

Took five thousand steps of a scheduled ten thousand, it's hard to get there when your "housing" but we'll make it...

Now back to this sound!! exploring different jazz elements earlier  jazz hopping and jazz dancing / housing earlier but now we've got other work to do, keeping it real not fake with it.. 

Made a break for it now I'm back with it, jazz funking this time!! listening to Weldon Irvine with a track called Cosmic Vortex (Justice Divine)

Not pumping brakes kid!! check the players and the track!! crunk with this thing like back in the day ATLiens "Freakniking"? please!! these players are worried about the cosmic karma due to the sport being complex!! coronavirus some kind of cruel justice? at the end of the day? there'll be an intervention that's divine...

Alto Flute – Bill Barnwell
Bass – Bob Cranshaw
Drums – Lenny White
Electric Piano, Clavinet – Weldon Irvine
Guitar – Joe Caro
Trumpet – Everett 'Blood' Hollins

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