Sunday, April 05, 2020

Everette Harp – Stand Up! (Featuring Rick Braun)

Sunday Jazz Continues!! on Sunday? besides listening to some good gospel music what else should be on these menus?
Jazzing it up, so we’re not spazzing “up in this piece” as the saga / struggle continues..
…aka life goes on, another way that a brotha says it!! good music? a brotha plays it, rocking these venues worldwide…
…actually universal, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic we’ve got plenty of work to do uplifting the masses with this good music; this is how we’ll ride…
Pulling up!! like Everette Harp telling y’all to  Stand Up! (FeaturingRick Braun)
Pulling up!! check out the players and the track, O-Dog Day Partying and Sunday Jazzing as we bring it back? ha! ha! once again it’s on!!

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