Sunday, April 05, 2020

Mr Fingers - On A Corner Called Jazz

Sunday Jazz Continues, we're trying to stay in the groove / stay on the move, but there's nothing we're trying to prove...

Just putting it down like bad habits, replaced them with sonic rehab; the sound taking us there, we'll show and prove...

Like I said, staying on the move!! in the midst of this coronavirus?  sent a prayer up for the homeless down in Woodruff Park playing chess / checkers / cards down on Peachtree Street in Atlanta..

Like I said, staying on the move!! a player was up on Moreland Avenue, spotted the graffiti that read People > Money, basic mathematics? somebody will understand a brotha!!

Doing the mathematics? spotted another per Mr Fingers, On A Corner Called Jazz trying not to spaz..

Doing the mathematics?  just bringing this smooth jazzdance / house music that's for peace, it's conducive!! meanwhile Trump will hold a presser, afterwards?  comedians will razz..

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