Saturday, April 25, 2020

When House Meets Disco Vol. 10

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Saturday Night Fever segment, plus we're O-Dog Day Partying, can you dig it?

Going in / getting it in, "holla at me" if you're feeling it; we're in the heart of this thing! a positive vibe? we'll trigger it..

Going in / getting it in, trying to figure it out like pundits and experts trying to figure out how this coronavirus pandemic got started...

I can see what you're saying I was told when the drum kit was pulled out, plus we're surprising others with these mathematics!! don't get O-Zone started!!

Well, he did get started on some Spring Cleaning / Spring Training, setting off the 2020 version of the Outback Chronicles..

Well, O-Dizzle got started!! cleaning off old school Roland mixers and Yamaha keyboards like sharpening weapons for the ongoing spiritual warfare!! strategies developed while rolling down I-20 in Atlanta, mentioned in my I-20 Chronicles?

Well, O-Dizzle will respond to these and those with this When House Meets Disco Vol. 10 courtesy of DJ Groove!!

What's the dizzle? check out the playlist and the mix while we're at the intersection of house music and disco! both elements loaded into the toolbox, this fool O-Zone will rock / make a move..

01. Qwestlife feat. Lady Z - Don't Break My Heart
02. SIRS feat. Stee Downes - Forever (Yam Who Main Vocal)
03. Alexandra Prince, Mark Lower - Feel
04. Carolyn Harding, Freeform Five - Strength (JKriv)
05. Skyy - Here's To You (Moplen Boogie Down)
06. Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Dutchican Soul Edit) 
07. Nerio's Dubwork feat. Darryl Pandy - Sunshine & Happiness
08. Phazed Groove - Musik
09. Matthias Matty Heilbronn - Can't Hide (Matty's out from Hiding)
10. Thelma Houston - I'm Here Again
11. Belezamusica - All This Love That I'm Giving (Seamus Haji Extended Re-Work)
12. Dave Anthony feat. Beverlei Brown - It Should Have Been You
13. I'm Talking - Holy Word (Dr. Packer)
14. Sharam Jey - 4 Your Mind
15. DJ Spen, Spencer Morales, Tasha LaRae - I Need 
Your Lovin (Spen & Thommy's Strings Of Love)
16. Fonda Rae - Over Like A Fat Rat (Jazz N Groove Classic)
17. Waze & Odyssey, Tommy Theo - Always
18. Samo - (You Make Me) Feel So Good
19. Junior Jack - Thrill Me
20. Demuir - Get Yo Drums Up
21. Funkatron - House Muzik
22. Milk & Sugar - That Body (Mattei & Omich)
23. Micky More, Andy Tee - I'm Back
24. Alena - Forget Me Nots (Judge Funk)

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