Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Is There A Doctor In The House? (Part Seven)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per this HumpDay Extravaganza, but O-Zone has a few words to drop / say..

Schooling some about this breakbeat scientific concept, who's asking about a Doctor In The House?  if they didn't know now they know; "if you don't know now you know" was the catch phrase from back in the day...

Schooling some?  oh yes!! reality is doing that and this as we go through this coronavirus pandemic!  Doctor O is all up in the house letting them know, dropping science like the CDC predicts we'll get a second round this fall..

Schooling some?  like Brian Kemp ready to open up Georgia? some will see what I'm saying, heard me mentioning earlier that it's rough down here in Georgia y'all...

Fooling some? I  can see how that pimp / player over in Decatur  is playing it!! like jokers hitting up these state capitols was he tired of the coronavirus lockdown?  

...fired off the 9mm Ruger at 2:00 am, I found the shells plus empty beer bottles and the empty Salem's in the green pack around the corner while walking through the hood after I was bored from sheltering in place!! not surprised, reality will knock you down!!

Fooling some? Doctor O rocked the sound mentioning  it's not a simple thing!! wrestling with issues like Lex Luger?  it's all up in our face!! meanwhile I'm through walking in the hood, I'm in the backyard! 

....heard the cardinals chirping in the garden with the acknowledgement /  shout out to your dude because I was rocking the Louisville Cardinal hat "all up in the place"  going hard!!

Not fooling with some, I wasn't working with them!! considered anti - social aloof so did this social distancing provide proof? 

Loving them from a distance by providing the sound and borderline belligerence, naysayers say it's evidence /  proof... 

Proving to them that a Doctor Is In The House!! Doctor O is still O-Dog Day Partying!!

Dropping knowledge Dr Anthony Fauci style!! not like Doctor Oz and Doctor Phil rolling foul!! drunk a Dr Pepper when I took the pill, now check us out we're in the heart of this thing!!

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