Sunday, April 12, 2020

Roy Ayers – Good Good Music

Sunday Jazz Continues on this Resurrection Sunday, check the celebration!!  blessings to you and yours even if you don’t celebrate it…
In other words blessings to everybody! insurrections staged with this sound? oh yes!! sonic assaults are launched with this music,  let me elaborate on it..
Alter egos collaborate on it!! the sound and this good word is dropped, breakbeat scientific principles utilized when we cosmic slopped!!
The madness hasn’t stopped, it’s “on a whole notha level” per thiscoronavirus pandemic!! please!! it’s academic that O-Dizzle dropped house music, funk and he hip hopped…
The madness hasn’t stopped, earlier O-Zone was asked about a doctor in the house, after writing this description he wrote this prescription..
Uncle Roy Ayers said we needed Good Good Music, now we’re jazz funking and O-Dog Day Partying!! Let’s Go!! / Let’s Get It!! it’s conducive to that good good feeling!!
Check this out at Roy Ayers – Good Good Music

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