Thursday, April 09, 2020

Is There A Doctor In The House? (Part Five)

Some of these folk are sick with it / slick with it; they've got me asking; is there a doctor in the house?

Oh yes!! I see how they kick it, like Dr Deborah Birx and Dr Anthony Fauci  supporting / contradicting Trump when he's in the house? the coronavirus task force briefings taking up precious air time? meanwhile I'm all up in house chilling / quarantining / sheltering in place..

Surprising some multi - tasking with force!! good word dropping and  funk dropping!! per Throwback Thursday with The Brothers Johnson; "Get The Funk Out Ma Face"

Working this and that!! on the case but haters were on a mission in Wisconsin in the midst of the pandemic conducting elections!!  the so called invincible  even contradict God, said they discovered  life's first energy source!!  of course scientists were trying to hold on needing to let it go.

A bruh heard this and that!! is there s doctor in the house? all we heard were just negative impressions;  per Throwback Thursday? even the O-Jays told us about them Backstabbers,  O-Zone knew some were shady from the get go!

Doctor O is working this and that!! check the history, per Throwback Thursday? either out on space probes or sitting up in the hooptie with the Kangol on!!

Who's hurting this and that?  rolling like Trump saying what do you have to lose, but per this coronavirus acting like they're straight out of Boston!! trying to get their strangle on.

Not even a Celtic like Jayson Tatum but  those haters will tell them to play on in the danger zone!!

Snitches will run and tell it, when I was asking if there's a doctor in the house!!  but now I keep a low profile, it's the path I stay on!

Breakbeat Science is the math I stay on!! Doctor O  is rocking the house but witches and warlocks had agendas; .a bruh prayed on this and that.

Breaking minds? evil ones stay on the warpath!! I spotted how another rocks!!  they preyed on this and that.

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