Sunday, November 28, 2021

Kei Kobayashi - It's Just Began in Africa

Sunday Jazz Continues check these menus as we serve brunch to the masses. 

It’s based on this East Coast time frame, worldwide the timing is different but this science is appropriate as we conduct these seminars and classes! 

Not trying to brag or boast / not trying to waste your time or mine with this good word!

We’re dropping this good music, for chilling out on this Sunday or any day it’s conducive, you heard? 

We’re coming through listening to this Kei Kobayashi track call It’s Just Began In Africa!

Not related to the Omicron Covid variant,  it probably started elsewhere!! meanwhile we’re getting funky with it talking about the origination of this funky sound! y’all should know it began in Africa!

Hipped to Kei Kobayashi earlier when I posted a track where he worked with Fred Wesley and Pee Wee Ellis

Check the sound as science is dropped on these naysayers by these players; “ain’t nothing they can tell us”


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