Thursday, November 25, 2021

The Big Picture / Grand Scheme Of Things (Part Three)

 It’s going down on a Thankful Thursday, I keep telling y’all it’s a blessing to be here!

Reinforced by this Thanksgiving Day Holiday celebration, my constituents are taking it there!

But we still realize that it’s rough out here, the matriarch of the family mentioned “Everybody Ain’t Able”

Checking out the big picture, even O-Dizzle went big with the scripture, he even mentioned “Everybody Ain’t Able /  Everybody Ain't Stable

Check out the Throwback Thursday reference it’s part of the big picture / grand scheme of things. 

Of course we’re still out here getting breakbeat scientific, doing these damn things!

Of course on this journey? whether we do or don’t somebody will damn these things! per the Rolling Stones there’s no sympathy for or from the devil, even though the devil may cry.

Check out the big picture per that Trump Insurrection / taboo fantasy vs reality, it’ll change! perpetrators heard the wind as it whispers goodbye! Check the grand scheme of things as winds of change blow; like David vs Goliath a giant will soon fall. Check the grand scheme of things as cosmic karma comes into play, a strange flow; fly, run, walk but now crawl.

O-Zone? a big picture watcher, observing the scene! soon ready to roll, we’re on our way!

Getting breakbeat scientific is part of the grand scheme of things / work part of a bigger plan! this good word is dropped and the sound will play!

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