Monday, November 01, 2021

Trying Not To Come Undone (Part Five)

 We’re all up in the spot; damn! here we go again! it’s another Monday morning!

Not complaining, not hot about it! it’s a blessing to be here but still dealing with the “buking and scorning”

I keep telling y’all circumstances are debatable; being built or torn is the ongoing question!

At this construction site? it might be a little of both, for nourishment  as we drink the elixir or broth; we’re trying not to come undone!

But once again it’s on! the madness goes down! even dude got caught out there! damn! we dipped after we placed his remains under a cypress.

Caught out here in this spiritual warfare, O-Zone mentioned the game is over: appropriate, he’s buried in his Halloween costume / disguise. Like those cowboy / western movies his final ride into the sunset, after chasing the shadows of love. Caught up in the Mercury Retrograde in Libra shadow period, what was the word from Bobby Blue Bland? in the heart of the city, “ain’t no love”

Another version of the wild wild west, it’s easy to come undone; caught up in the drama like Shadow Moon from the American Gods as we peep the odds; more gun violence due to the Covid 19 environment?

A brotha keeps working, trying not to come undone; getting the machine set, it’s all about empowerment!

We're exercising the power the Lord gave us, it’ll save us from coming undone!

Surprising with last hour survival tactics is how we’ll act with this, we’re trying not to come undone!

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