Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Big Picture / Grand Scheme Of Things (Part Five)

 It was a great day in Atlanta!  I was enjoying the pleasant weather that’s accompanied by sunshine and blue skies. 

No planes flying over with chemtrails even though I’m not that far from Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson Airport where flights encroach on my airspace: while the government lies. 

The sunshine and blue skies don’t interfere with cosmic downloads as I do the knowledge / gather information. 

Seeing the big picture, the grand scheme of things, check the modes, leading to  the public transportation / transformation? 

Seeing the big picture, the grand scheme of things!  even on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way but it's been a good day;  especially, considering it's during this so called holiday season!

Thanksgiving Day just passed accompanied by Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday; another reason?

...for capitalists to capitalize as Christmas songs play in the background something about peace on earth and good will towards men.

Something I’ve fail to see since I’ve been on earth so tell me up / what’s happening?

…even though I’m looking at the big picture as a down to earth dude reality is rude as we deal with one thing or another!

In the grand scheme of things? as long as we’re on terra firma there’ll always be one thing or another! 

A slow or fast learner? please!! it’ll determine whether one can see the big picture..

..or the grand scheme of things; peep game as nefarious ones plot and scheme up on things; get the picture?

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