Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Trying Not To Come Undone (Part Nine)

 Check us out as we set this HumpDay Extravaganza off,  we're pulling up blue collar style!

We’re just trying to get over the hump and at the same time trying not to come undone in situations that can become foul. 

Yesterday the Terrible / Terrific Tuesday vibe was exhibited but things can play out like that on any day!

We’re coming through with this breakbeat scientific vibe, dropping this good word and letting the music play!

We’re trying to run a play before the shot clock expires; time is running out in the hourglass of the body and mind.

Trying not to come undone, catch us doing the math / doing the knowledge; sometimes rummaging for and through memories like it’s Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday; some are one of a kind. Catch us all up in the spot saying damn! here we go again! its one thing or another; I even spotted my people, one to another! Retrograde like Mercury was in Libra, trying to move forward into Scorpio Season but paying attention; the future we’ll smother.  

Society will throw shade at a brotha trying to work it out like Willie Hutch mentioned!

O-Zone is trying not to come undone! he’ll work it all out after getting the machine set! coming through in the clutch but who paid attention?

In this zone? they played it like Trump operatives ignoring Congressional subpoenas. 

Meanwhile beats will bump and this good word is dropped as we moved on, trying not to come undone; we weren’t like the wannabe player rolling like the ChiLites, asking Have You Seen Here!

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